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Located in central Oklahoma just north of Moore, Aero is your one stop shop for all your machining needs.  One of the largest job shops in the southwest gives us the ability to be central to outside processes and many of our customers.  From prototyping to mass production, let Aero Components machine your parts.


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Aero Components believes that “Quality Matters.”  From our highly skilled machinist’s to our stringent first article process, we strive to make each and every part with world class quality.

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Oklahoma Machine Shop Capabilities
We are a top of the line precision machine shop with a diverse range of components for medical, semiconductor, oil (both down hole and drilling), and more. We can machine metals such as aluminum, brass, copper, all grades of stainless steel, super alloys, beryllium copper and titanium. We also specialize in several non-metal families including several grades of plastic including peek, natural poly, PVDF, halar even teflon.
535 S.E. 82nd oklahoma city, ok 73149                  405-631-6644