About Aero Components Oklahoma City

how we started

Aero Components is owned and operated by Danny Odom.  Danny took machine shop at a Vo-Tech in high school to learn how to make parts for his race car.  It was during this time that he discovered his passion for machining and decided to make it his life long career. Working at a machine shop after graduating high school, Danny quickly worked his way up.  Having worked in every department a machine shop had to offer he quickly found himself managing a shop.  In 1981 Danny decided that he wanted a shop of his own so he started Aero Components.  He opened his first shop at I-35 and SE 29th in Oklahoma City.  During the early life of Aero Components Danny mainly did Government contracts and oil field work.  Within two years Aero had enough work that it was realized that a bigger facility was needed.


expansion & diversification

In 1983 Danny purchased a 4,000 square foot facility at I-35 and Grand, where he continued to do Government contracts and Oilfield work. 

In 1990 Seagate approached Danny to make parts for their hard drives.  A great relationship was formed and Seagate became the newest customer to Aero Components and stayed a customer until the company was moved over seas.  With the ups and downs of government contracts and the oilfield Danny decided that he needed to diversify,  in 1997 Aero Components started machining parts for the medical industry.  As the business grew more machines where bought and many more customer relationships were formed. 

In 1998 Aero started manufacturing parts for the semiconductor industries.  With Government contracts dwindling and the oil boom gone focus was put on the two new industries at Aero.  Customers and manufacturing load kept increasing and in 2001 it was determined that a bigger facility was needed.  Land was purchased and two buildings were built at I-35 and SE 82nd increasing Aero Components manufacturing space to 45,000 square feet.  Aero still resides at that location and we are still growing.  In 2010 Aero purchased the land across the street and an additional 20,000 square feet of manufacturing space was built.   Aero Components and Danny Odom are proud recipients of several Azko Nobel awards. 

In 2010 Aero Components became an ISO 9001:2008 registered company and started making the necessary steps to move towards a lean manufacturing environment.  At present  the oilfield has resumed production, bringing us several new customers and,  Our semiconductor customer was purchased by one of the largest semiconductor manufactures in the world, and with our medical customers restructuring, we are growing even faster with more manufacturing space in the works.  Through all of this Aero is still owned and operated by Danny Odom with the help of his son Danny Odom Jr.